Dunton Hot Springs – Colorado

Dunton Hot Springs is a small and exclu­sive resort nestled deep in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies.


Sturdy and authentic, all of Dunton’s cabins are hand-hewn and, in some cases, by the original miners themselves. Inside, attention to detail and touches of rustic luxury are everywhere. No two are alike and each possesses a distinct character. From the wooden interiors to the natural colour palette and unique artefacts and furnishings, everything helps the visitor ease into the main attraction of Colorado Rockies: the natural world and endless wilderness. Every chalet offer views of the majestic scenery and the surrounding meadows.




Nowhere is it more evident that you are in the lap of luxury and rather close to heaven, than in the natural hot springs. Indulge in waters which range in temperature from 85°F to 106°F. There are six ways to take to the waters: inside the restored 19th century Bathhouse, under the stars at the source, in the pool outside the Bathhouse, in the pool behind the Dunton Store cabin, inside Well House cabin and out on the river (Christoph’s spring).


Great outdoor adventures await the intrepid – but oh so chic! – traveller. Mountain biking, helicopter skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, camping, fly fishing, river rafting, kayaking, the list is endless… Gourmets will not be disappointed either. Dunton’s chef meticulously sources the very best available locally and regionally – some produce directly from the hotel’s own farm and vineyard.


One can only agree with Luxury Travel Magazine’s statement “Dunton Hot Springs ranks in our Top 10 favourite places on earth – a romantic, magical experience beyond words”.

~ by Jolis Prénoms on November 11, 2009.

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