Admiring Aurora Borealis – Canada’s Northwest Territories

Over the curse of history, celestial lights have captivated, terrified, inspired and fascinated mankind. Named after the Roman goddess of Dawn, Aurora, they are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and spectacular of Nature’s phenomena.

Auroras, also known as the Northern and Southern (Polar) Lights, appear when electrically-charged particles (electrons and protons), flying through space from the sun on the solar winds, penetrate the Earth’s magnetic field.

Imagine radiant green, red and violet lights, dancing, swirling and fading through the night sky… The ever-changing neon curtains drift and flow as if fluttered by a distant, unearthly wind. There is no better place on the planet to experience it than Canada’s Far North, where displays are the most powerful and brilliant on Earth.


If the weather is clear, chances are good to see this surreal explosion of colour in the Northwest Territories on almost any night between September and early April. The Aurora is at its dazzling best from December to March when nights are longest and the sky darkest. In the area near Yellowknife, there is a 90 to 100 percent chance of seeing a display on dark, clear nights.


Blachford Lake Lodge is a fly-in eco-lodge, accessible by floatplane during summer and ski plane in the winter… the journey is as unique as one stay in Canada’s North! The main lodge offers five large guest rooms, and feature panoramic windows with spectacular views. Rustic yet comfortable, the five log cabins are a very comfortable choice. Heated with high efficiency wood-burning stoves, they will keep you warm during freezing winter nights.



Here winter adventures pack your days and the Aurora performs at night. Blachford Lake Lodge has a prime location to admire the stunning Aurora Borealis. Viewing decks equipped with individually heated seats offer comfortable observation conditions. But for the chicest travellers, the outdoor hot tub surely is the perfect place for sipping champagne under the celestial lights. A million-dollar view…

~ by Jolis Prénoms on November 12, 2009.

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