La Casona Cusco – Peru

Some 600 years ago, Cusco was the Capital of the vast Inca Empire. Now transformed as the most important colonial centre in the Andes, it is an axis of exploration and favourite destination for today’s international traveller.

La Casona, Inkaterra’s newest addition to its Peruvian portfolio, is a fully–restored sixteenth-century colonial manor and former residence of Spanish conquistadores. The hotel is located on Plaza Las Nazarenas, a picturesque old quarter in the heart of Cusco, itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The anonymity is fitting at this privileged address, where only 11 luxury suites are housed in one of the first Spanish buildings in the Incan capital. An authentic, historic atmosphere highlights the mansion’s past to ensure its heritage is retained. The original internal structures and frescos have been carefully preserved. Contemporary fixtures have been integrated with the original facilities, and traditional colours, murals, and stone reflect the patina of several eras.

Wrapped around a magnificent inner courtyard built more than 400 years ago, all of the suites offer a melange of understated luxury and authentic Peruvian refinement. Furnished with antiques and decorated with original architectural details, the open-planned suites feature modern day comforts demanded by today’s discerning travellers, an open fireplace and oversized marble bathrooms.

La Casona also comprises a large sitting room, dining room and terrace, where refreshing drinks and meals are offered. Coca tea is made available to help adjustment to Cusco’s altitude.

Calm and serene, La Casona is a quiet oasis amidst the vibrant capital of the Incan empire and Peru’s first 100 per cent carbon-neutral hotel.

~ by Jolis Prénoms on November 20, 2009.

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