A month without posting…

Sorry for not posting for a month (to whoever reads my blog). I have been busy… in a good way!

First reason: holidays! Canada was great and skiing in Whistler (120km from Vancouver) was absolutely amazing. Lot of good snow and gentle weather (though a bit cold – but I guess it is to be expected at this time of the year). Accommodation has always been expensive in this “chic resort” but due to the coming Winter Olympics, prices are still rising (and a little crazy I would say). However we managed to find a nice and affordable hotel called Aava Whistler Hotel. It is conveniently located just a tip toe from the Whistler Village (2-minute walk from the main grocery – 5-min walk from the gondola). Aava Whistler Hotel offers comfortable and contemporary rooms and we really enjoyed to relax in the outdoor hot tub after a day on the slopes!

We also had the chance to stay for a night at the Four Seasons Vancouver. Located on the highest floor of the building (28th floor), our room was spacious and featured large windows with views of downtown Vancouver. The decoration was marvellously done with a subtle colour scheme of pale olive green, pale aqua and cherry wood.

We had a wonderful dinner at the gorgeous YEW restaurant located inside the hotel. The menu of over 300 wines includes more than 150 by the glass. We loved the atmosphere and décor, and the food was great. Our main disappointment was the service: there was no sommelier to suggest the best wine to accompany our meals. We tried to ask the waiter for his help but he was obviously not trained on how to assist guests…

Soon on Sochictravels: “Where to eat in Vancouver”!

~ by Jolis Prénoms on January 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “A month without posting…”

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