URBN Hotels Shanghai

URBN Hotels Shanghai is China’s first carbon-neutral hotel. Developed from a renovated factory warehouse, the hotel interiors are made with 100% local materials, reclaimed bricks and reused indigenous woods from old Shanghai houses… and even vintage leather suitcases! In parallel, the contemporary design and amenities draw on the energy of a younger, modern Shanghai. The carbon footprint of URBN’s emissions is calculated and then carbon credits are purchased by the hotel to offset them. Guests are also given the possibility to buy carbon credits directly from URBN to compensate their flights.

Set in the vibrant heart of the city, within a hub of local activity and close to shops, restaurants, colonial lane houses and Shanghai’s famous French concession area, URBN Hotels Shanghai features 26 rooms, including a spa suite and two penthouses. All distinctive, the rooms were inspired by the nature of Asian spaces: contemporary design is harmonized with natural materials – wood floors, linen curtains and rustic silks in shades of cream, coffee and beige – creating a relaxing ambiance to please the most discerning travellers.

A new restaurant concept “Downstairs with David Laris” will opened end of March. The previous restaurant roomtwentyeight suddenly closed up shop in January – it featured (surprisingly!) Australian flavours…So let’s hope it turns out to be better than what was there before. But it sounds promising: David Laris has created what he calls an “honest, chic, urban eatery”. The concept will be centered on the notion of smart and sustainable living in the modern world with this idea translated into both the menu and the dining experience. The space and design will reflect elements embracing reusable, recyclable and natural principles. Expect natural accents of stone, wood, warm and lush textures to create a cohesive urban environment. The menu concept created by Laris will showcase some of the best local produce available from vendors and artisans that speak the same language; natural, real, honest and traceable. The concept is about taking green and healthy living to the dining table… from home-grown herbs tended to by its head gardener to free-range meats from happy and stress-free animals.

URBN Hotels Shanghai is definitely the most environmentally-friendly yet modern choice travellers can do when visiting Shanghai!

~ by Jolis Prénoms on March 10, 2010.

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