2 Lam Son – A stylish addition to the chic Park Hyatt Saigon

Designed by the internationally renowned interior design firm Super Potato from Tokyo, 2 Lam Son is the newest addition to Park Hyatt Saigon and the city’s latest social venue. Opened in January and named after its address, the bar is already the place to be (and to be seen) in town. My husband and I were there last Saturday night with a few friends and the venue was crowded with beautiful people (and some a little less smart, to be honest).

The place is magnificent. The stainless steel and frosted-glass island bar is majestic, and the warm walnut timber floors and the modern black marble offer a striking contrast. Ethnic fabrics from the Sapa Region of Vietnam are displayed inside the alcoves located on one side of the island bar and warm the ambiance. Located above the bar is a mezzanine floor that offers a relaxed and intimate lounge area, giving patrons a fantastic vantage point. Alcoves are the perfect gathering for groups of friends and the upstairs’ niches offer privacy to couples.

A wide selection of premium beverages from vintage wines to refreshing signature cocktails is on the menu. The cocktails are especially notable and reinvent the tastes of Vietnam with great originality. Lemongrass is mixed with ginger and passion fruit sweetens the acidity of green lemon. The wine list is nice and the prices are pleasant – even champagnes are “affordable”. Snacks are simple roasted lotus seeds and even though it might not please every palates, it is a nice touch!

The only downside is the music. Sinister and aggressive, it is not smooth as it should be. I am also not sure about the uniform of the waitresses – dark blue Ao Dai with a Mao collar – that looks really tacky to me.

But besides this, 2 Lam Son is at the moment one of the chicest bars in town!

And last but not least, 2 Lam Son is one of the rare bars to be smoke-free in Vietnam!

~ by Jolis Prénoms on March 26, 2010.

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