Explore Cities on Two Wheels

At the occasion of Earth Day 2010, celebrated on April 22nd (yep, that’s right… today!), I wanted to write on a topic related to the environment. Well, and travel of course.

There is no doubt that tourism has a major impact on the environment (if you haven’t done it yet, calculate your carbon footprint www.carbonfootprint.com). However, it is possible to reduce one’s impact on the Earth while travelling.

Cycling is a trend gaining popularity as travellers are becoming conscious of their carbon footprint. Apart from the energy and materials needed to construct bicycles, cycling has virtually zero negative impact on the environment.

This renewed love affair with the bike is taking hold in cities around the world, from Rome and Paris to Shanghai, Montreal and Dublin. These cities are joining the bicycling movement through wildly popular bicycle sharing programmes, following the example of cities such as Copenhagen (1995) and Munich (2000), who have had similar programmes for years. With their growing popularity in Europe, bike-sharing systems are now emerging in North American cities.

Bike sharing networks are available in numerous cities around the globe, including:

Barcelona: www.bicing.com

Bristol: www.hourbike.com

Copenhagen: www.bycyklen.dk

Denver: www.bcycle.com

Dublin: www.dublinbikes.ie

Lyon: www.velov.grandlyon.com

Mexico: www.ecobici.df.gob.mx

Milan: www.bikemi.com

Montreal: www.montreal.bixi.com

Munich: www.callabike-interaktiv.de

Paris: www.velib.paris.fr

Roma: www.roma-n-bike.com

Rouen: www.cyclic.rouen.fr

Toulouse: www.velo.toulouse.fr

Vienna: www.citybikewien.at

Washington: www.smartbikedc.com

This list is non-exhaustive; feel free to add the ones you are aware of!

Bike sharing programs are a growing global phenomenon and many more mayors are coming soon in cities such as London (scheduled to launch Jul. 2010), Melbourne (scheduled for June 2010), Minneapolis (Scheduled to launch Jun. 2010), Toronto (starting May 2011), Boston, Seattle and Arlington.

Two wheels at Four Seasons

And if you want to cycle in style, Four Seasons is now catering to all cycling needs. From help with hiring a bicycle to personalised tours to a five-star picnic hamper, they are ready to send you on your adventure well provisioned! For more information, take a look at the following articles: Bicycling Surges in Popularity and Where is the World’s Best Region for Bicycling?


~ by Jolis Prénoms on April 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Explore Cities on Two Wheels”

  1. Awesome article, that allows us to take some height on the right problems of today’s world!
    One BIG mistake however: you forgot to mention the mighty “Cyclics”, from Rouen (in the center of the World, namely: Normandy).
    You husband (thomas), who loves you anyway.

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